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Kiskőrösi út 18-20.

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We develop our fleet according to the demands of our actual customers. We lay great emphasis on the proper technical and loading technological preparation of the vehicles for the smooth performance of the actual transportation tasks, keeping safety particularly in view.

In accordance with the actual environmental protection expectations, when purchasing our means of transport we select modern vehicles with an environmental rating complying

with the Euro 5 standard, decreasing by this the emission of harmful substance to the minimum.


The load-bearing capacity and loading area/capacity of the vehicles we offer range on a particularly wide scale.


The load-bearing capacity of the vehicles ranges between 1.5 and 25 tons.


Superstructures: tarpaulin, boxed, cooler, open



As regards the number of transportable pallets we can provide a wide range of vehicles, from utility trucks carrying 4 pallets to full trailer combinations on which 38 pallets can be loaded.

We can provide vehicles for carrying up to 100 to 120 cubic metres of goods.

As regards the length of goods, we have 13.6 metre long semitrailer units.